Battery Boxes

We make battery boxes for people who use them. Sounds simple. We make them so they’re easy to mount, and give you options. We make them so the lids can be secured independently of the mounting system, so you don’t have to undo everything just to add some water or check a connection. We make them so they fit right and stand up to temperature extremes – we make battery boxes that work so well you don’t have to think about them.

Group 24, 27, 31 and 6V Battery Boxes

• Fit’s all new orbital or spiral celled, deep cycle, high performance batteries
• New convenient battery box application guide
• QuickLock™ Cover – Easy-on and easy-off
• Safe and secure
• Convenient, fast, durable
• QuickLock™ prevents cover loss
• Use hold-down holes molded in to reinforced handles
• Use J-hooks, L-hooks, threaded rod or lag bolts
• Remove the lid while keeping the box secure
• New Tougher Material – Impact resistant to -30°F (-34°C)
• Heat stable to +200°F (+93°C)
• Meets U.S. Coast Guard Regulations 183.420 & ABYCE-10.7
• Impervious to acid, gasoline, oil and solvents
• Will not rust, UV protected

Dual 6V, 4D and 8D Battery Boxes

• Rugged durable, heavy wall construction
• Impervious to acid, gasoline, oil, and solvents
• Heat stable -30° to +200°F (-34° to +93°C)
• Flame retardant
• 3-way cable channels molded into design
• Large entry ports for heavy duty cable
• Cover held firmly with convenient thumb screws, no special tools required
• Cover can be locked for protection and tamper resistance
• Vent holes in cover allow gases to escape, preventing dangerous hydrogen build up
• Accommodates a variety of mounting options