Labco cable is offered one of two ways: custom or pre-made.

To order custom cable you must provide:

  • Exact length and gauge of cable
  • Size of eyelet on lug (if necessary)

Our pre-made cables are top notch and ready to go. If you need us to stock a pre-made cable we don’t already please let us know!

Labco Lugs are tin coated copper. The flared barrels can be either crimped or soldered. They are ideal for general wiring as well as starter or ground connections.

Battery Cable is the most widely-used cable in industrial, commercial, automotive, truck, and related applications. Available in gauges from 8 to 4/0, it resists abrasion, fuel, oil, acid, and salt. Labco battery cable is 100% copper for max performance, not coated aluminum.

• PVC Insulation resists abrasion, fuel, oil, acid, and salt
• Annealed stranded copper conductor
• Insulation is flame retardant
• Meets or exceeds S.A.E. J1127, SGT type, -58°F to + 221°F (-50°C to +105°C), 8 Gauge Exceeds J1128
• Meets AWG specifications
• Copper conductor for maximum conductivity